Rental Cancellation Policy

By accessing the website to avail of rental services, you understand that you become a part of the buying process in Vella Yacht. So, this cancellation policy would be applicable for you when you buy any services from Vella Yacht. Once you/ any renter has made the payment for confirming any reservation, Vella Yacht accepts the order and reserves an available mode of transportation/ accommodation on the given dates. Post the confirmation, Vella Yacht makes arrangements for a better service experience for every customer. This requires a lot of processes to be undertaken. So, in such cases, the users of the Vella Yacht website would not be able to book any other services or cancel them. And in case, you can cancel the reservation, you understand that Vella Yacht has made arrangements post your confirmation. So, Vella yacht has a cancellation fee policy.



As per the policy, if Vella Yacht receives a cancellation request from any of its users, Vella Yacht shall refund your deposit, but will deduct a 7.5% service charge from the refund amount. In addition, there are some other cancellation policies mentioned below.

Cancellation policy for bookings less than thirty days before

If you are a renter, and you are requesting a cancellation before 14 days to the date of reservation, in such cases, you may either request for a 100% refund, or may make a new reservation by transferring the deposit. Similarly, if you are making a reservation cancellation before seven-thirteen days from the date of reservation, you may either request for a 100% refund or transfer 75% of the deposit to make a new reservation. 

When you are making a service cancellation before three-six days from the reservation date, you can either request for 50% refund, or transfer 50% of the amount to make a new deposit. And in case, if the renter makes a cancellation before three or fewer days, then the user will lose all their money. Any loss of deposit may be implemented in another booking. But that must be scheduled within 60 days. Further, all the refund mentioned above subjects to a deduction of 7.5% service charge.



Cancellation policy for booking more than thirty days

When any renter in Vella Yacht makes cancellation of more than thirty days in hand, the renter may request for a 100% refund if he/she cancels the booking twenty-thirty days before the booking. 

Cancellation safety, unavailability, and other circumstances

Every sale made in Vella Yacht is final. So, the only cancellation that will nit subject to a refund is those cancellations that are made due to small craft danger, aircraft warnings, or weather-related warnings. Further, this refund policy only partially compensates the charter partner, third party provider, or any other affiliate. 

Vella Yacht reserves all the rights to cancel your bookings made for any service at any time. That may also subject to any reason. The cancellation may not be due to only safety factors, or any other mechanical issue, it may also include factors like unavailability of services, vehicles, captains, or any other reason. Under any condition, Vella yacht will not be responsible for any damage that occurred for any kind of reason.