Privacy Policy

What does Vella Yacht do with your information?

When you book a Yacht from the digital platform of Vella Yacht, you become a part of the buying and selling process in Vella Yacht. In such cases, Vella Yacht collects your personal data that includes your name, address, email ID, and anything else that is necessary to offer you services.

When you surf through Vella Yacht online platform, Vella Yacht automatically obtains your computer’s IP address. This helps Vella Yacht to acquire data that in the future helps in enhancing services for you. With the help of your IP address, Vella Yacht learns about the internet browser and operating system to optimize its platform for a better user experience.

Vella Yacht also may use your personal information for email marketing only when applicable. But that would only be with your consent. So, in such cases, Vella Yacht will send you emails that will include information about new services, updates, and any other data about the Vella Yacht online platform.


Vella Yacht may disclose your personal information. But Vella Yacht does it only when it is necessary by law, or you violate any terms of service of Vella Yacht digital platform.


Agreement to the Privacy policy

This Privacy policy explains how Vella Yacht utilizes your personal data. By accessing this website of Vella Yacht, you accept the privacy policy mentioned on this page. So, you grant your consent to Vella Yacht to collect, store and use your personal information. And further, Vella Yacht reserves all the rights to modify the Privacy policy at any time. The privacy policy will immediately be effective upon posting on the Vella Yacht digital platform.


Security of your personal information

You can be assured that Vella Yacht uses your personal information to make rental arrangements for accommodating Yacht services. And Vella Yacht takes all the precautions to protect your personal with the highest security standards. 

Vella Yacht also follows the best practices in the industry to ensure all your data are safe and secure. Vella Yacht encrypts all your personal data to prevent unauthorized access.


Account security

Your password is the most crucial element to protect your account. So, Vella Yacht encourages you to use unique numbers, letters, and special characters to secure your Vella Yacht account. Further, you should also not disclose your account credentials to anyone. If you don’t secure your account, you may be liable for legal action taken on your behalf. Therefore, you must not disclose your account information to anyone.


Accessing and modifying personal data

If you wish to change your personal information, you can change it any time by accessing the digital platforms of Vella Yacht. But Vella Yacht would never be liable for any kind of alterations to your personal information. This is because; it is impossible to access your personal information and modify it. But if you find that your account information is altered. Or it is not accurate, you can request us to close your Vella Yacht account. On receiving your request, Vella Yacht will close your account instantly.



Vella Yacht uses your cookies to ensure the sessions of your access to the website. But Vella Yacht doesn’t use your cookies to track you on any other website.