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Conformity of Terms

The moment you enter this website, mobile application, or referral services offered through VELLAYACHT.COM,  You avow that you have carefully studied, understood, as well as consent to be bound by this Agreement and to the compilation and use of Your information as set onwards in the VELLAYACHT.COM Privacy Policy, whether or not You are a registered User of our Service.

So, if you do not want to provide your consent to this agreement, you shall not access this platform provided by VELLAYACHT.COM. On your access to this platform, you hereby agree to all the below terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions on this platform is a legal binding between you and VELLAYACHT.COM. You whether individually or through an entity using this platform, you are providing you concern to use the service and other referrals available on this platform.

Further, this agreement conveys to you the terms and conditions that govern VELLAYACHT.COM. All the services offered by VELLAYACHT.COM or your use of the service contain crucial information. This also includes websites, Widgets, feeds, mobile devices, and many other things. So, by using VELLAYACHT.COM you agree that you will get notifications about all the services. If you don’t want to be notified, you can simply do not use the VELLAYACHT.COM. There are circumstances when VELLAYACHT.COM may refer you to some third-party applications. In such cases, VELLAYACHT.COM is not responsible for any loss caused by any of such websites. On using the VELLAYACHT.COM platform, you agree that no members of this platform, neither VELLAYACHT.COM can be held responsible for any of the damage caused by any third party.


VELLAYACHT.COM is an advertising platform that can be utilized to book boats for a rental or bareboat charter. You can use VELLAYACHT to rent a yacht, recreational purposes, and accommodations/amenities that are available. This is to note that VELLAYACHT.COM does not directly or by any other platform participates in all of the boat charters or any rental services. Rather, VELLAYACHT.COM directly communicates through its platforms to do so. The services from VELLAYACHT.COM also allow transportation, recreational, accommodation services to directly connect with you. So, through its services, VELLAYACHT.COM accommodates you with transportation like boats or other means of transport through its services.

Until it’s stated by VELLAYACHT, all the liabilities offered on the platform are exclusively limited to facilitating access to confirm the reservations. Further, the services also offer limited capacity as the paying agent of each owner or the service provider. That means VELLAYACHT only helps you book services that are listed on the platform. In case of any damage caused due to the service, then neither VELLAYACHT.COM nor its members are responsible for it. We also are not responsible for lost items. So, by accessing the website, you agree to the above disclaimer mention on this page.

Terms of using VELLAYACHT.COM



The services offered on any of the platforms of VELLAYACHT are only for the individuals who are 18, above 18 years old, or accompanied by a person over 21. So, access to the service/ platform below 18 is strictly prohibited and punishable under the law, for any kind of misuse. So, by accessing the VELLAYACHT.COM platform, you agree that you must be 18 or above to use this platform.

For booking of our services, you have to provide details like email ID, mobile number and many more. Further, you also agree that you are providing all the correct and complete information. You shall not in any condition provide your credentials to anyone else. On accessing the VELLAYACHT.COM platform, you agree that you are completely liable to keep your account and credentials protected.

Further, you also agree that you will not access the VELLAYACHT.COM platforms by any non-human methods. This platform must be used by completely yourself to access the services that are listed on the VELLAYACHT.COM platform.

On accessing the VELLAYACHT.COM website, you also agree that you will not use the platform for any sort of illegal purpose. If any damage is caused by any user for unauthorized purposes, then neither VELLAYACHT.COM nor their members are responsible.

If any user provides any type of untrue data to create an account on VELLAYACHT.COM or use it for any type of unauthorized means, then VELLAYACHT.COM holds the complete rights to decline a customer.

On accessing the site, you also agree that VELLAYACHT.COM is for your personal use only. You cannot use it on behalf of any entity.

Policies for all the charter partners at VELLAYACHT.COM

If you are a charter partner, affiliate service provider, or owner, you provide your consent to the following terms and conditions.

You agree that you will provide all the owner representation and warranties. Further, you will fulfill all your responsibility to the user. All the services must be offered by the agents who are designated and authorized. Further, the designated agents for the services providers also agree in writing that they have apprehended this agreement.



Captain fees:

Captain’s fees are already included, but gratuity is excluded, which is typically 10-20% of booking fees.


Cancelation Policy

100% refund on cancelation if cancelation is made 3 days prior to rental.



The time of departure is subject to change due to weather/water conditions.

So, by accessing the website, you agree to all the terms and conditions that are mentioned above. If you do not wish to agree you may not use the platform. But on using the platform, you agree to all the terms and conditions of VELLAYACHT.COM. Further, VELLAYACHT.COM may modify or change the terms and conditions at any time. So, it would be great if you would stay updated.